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Born in the perfect age of time?

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 28, 2010, 12:44 PM
I always thought I grew up in the perfect age of time. with a bunch of technology and possibilities, but lately I'm doubting it more and more. Today I saw the movie "up in the Air" about a man living his life from airport to airport. He has a nice job. It pays well. He has a lot of pleasure living the life he lives. He fires people for a living. Not the most charming job, but he's good at it.

He has no need for a family. Family has no value in his opinion. Everyone dies alone.

Suddenly this young girl gets hired at his company. She has designed a new way of firing people. Through a webcam. This makes his life to fly from the one place to another irrelevant. I won't tell the rest of the story, but the scenes I just described made me feel so cold inside.

The empty life of the man who just lives on the luxury that is given him. Firing people through webcams because the boss is too chicken shit to do it and the company wants to save money and doesn't even care about visiting the person that is getting fired. I know this is a movie.

But I also know this will be reality. The world is heading to a point where technology just takes away the love and passion to live. It feels uncomfortable thinking about a future like this when I'm on my own. At the end love is the only thing that matters, and I hope you guys realize it too before its too late. You can take distance from this horrible future of existence, technology is only beautiful when your not relying on it.

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